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You manage to unlock the phone. Madeleine seems to have kept the phone quite clean – Whatsapp seems to be the only extra app installed on the phone. You check the call history and find nothing strange – except for all your phone bombing last night. The only thing that looks weird is the Whatsapp message. It doesn’t give you very much in terms of clues, except that Madeleine seems to have been in the office around 4 am. For an ordinary person that would be very weird, but not for her. Sometimes she comes up with smart solutions in her sleep and instead of writing them down, she gets out of bed and goes straight to the lab to see if it works. Tonight she has obviously sent an email to this Unknown person. What has she been tricked into? 

You have to dig deeper and get your hands – or at least your eyes – on that email. No email client is installed on the phone, so you have to get to her computer. But first, you need to get into her office, which luckily is a piece of cake as you have the same door code to all offices. It is… total blackout! You can’t remember the code. Luckily you have hidden the information needed to unlock the door in the joint spaces at the office. 

Unlock Madeleine's office...
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