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You try to call Madeleine one more time and hear a buzzing sound from a bag in a corner of the office space. You open the bag and find Madeleine’s phone. It’s locked, but you can see the notifications. Except for all the missing calls from your phone, you also see a notification from an unknown number sent in the middle of the night. The message makes you even more concerned. Who is Madeleine going to meet? Is somebody trying to trick her into something dangerous? 

You call the police – again, but they can’t do anything based on a notification, especially when Madeleine hasn’t been missing for 24 hours yet. Sigh. You really are on your own. The phone is locked, and you decide to go against your own principles and try to unlock it. You look closer in the bag and find a note that you have seen Madeleine holding every now and then when logging on to her phone.